Chiropractic Testimonials

“The acute pain in the spot in my back was gone after three weeks of treatment.”

- Robbie Shepherd

“ Continue to enjoy relative good health & pain free lower back. I’m obviously not 100% but for a 62 year old grandfather I’m pretty happy. “

- John Sloan

"This is only my 3rd visit but I can already tell that I’m in the right place. Everyone in the office is so welcoming and friendly. I feel like I might finally get the help I need."

- Jessi Castleman

“I’m doing good. Sleeping. Work Out. Happy to get up and go to work. Everything has changed. I have a life now. Thanks!

- Kimberley Curry

Severe neck pain, back and leg pain. Bulging disk in lower back. My life was affected by this because I couldn’t care for my home and family like I used to. I couldn’t blow dry my little girls hair because of numbness and pain in my right hand. I couldn’t sleep or function throughout the day.

For over 2 yrs. I was chasing my puppy through our house and fell on concrete steps going into our den directly on my tail bone and have suffered since then. I’ve been to the ER, my family doctor, neurologist, and had MRI’s the doctors all wanted to do injections, surgery and drugs which I didn’t want and was afraid of.

All my pain is gone I feel as well today as I did before my accident if not better, I have my energy back I can function throughout the day without pain to take care of my home and family, and I rest better.

I feel that this experience has changed my life in every aspect for the better, and it has been a spiritual experience for me as well.

- Angela Beard

After being involved in a car crash over 20 years ago, I have learned to live with the pains, discomfort's and limitations of my abilities . My pain level has always been between a level 6 and pushing to 10. Now this morning, I am learning how great it is to wake up pain free. I credit this to my doctor and the ability he has given my body to heal it's self.

I now spend 7 out of 10 days pain free and when I have pain it is at a level of about 2. I really want to scream at all the doctors that have filled me with pills for 20 years, but instead I'll just smile and enjoy my day.

Thank You for what you do."

- Paul A. Reeves

“I’m writing this for people who come through this office and need hope don’t leave without making another appointment for care. Don’t do it! Make your appointment you won’t regret it. A year ago I was in so much pain; I was praying that I would not wake up each morning. Praying for God to take me and if he wasn’t ready to take me: help me, if this is how you want me to live. I was directed to this office, Rogue Valley Chiropractic Clinic, and can as a last resort. I work, I’m married, have always enjoyed life. I didn’t then. I hid my pain, my suffering: started medication, quit that started coming here; twice a week now once a month. I am almost pain-free. I have a new life. I can hardly believe it. It’s been 20 plus years of pain! If I could pay for your care I would. No amount of money is worth living each day waiting to die. Borrow it, find it, you won’t regret it.

If the Dr.’s Ed and Jake say that they can help you, trust them. Commit to come. It’s hard. Try to imagine your life without pain every minute of the day.

Go for it! It has taken me over 20 years to find someone who helped me, truly, made a lasting difference in my life.

Good luck to you in your commitment to a better life. My prayers to your strength and happiness."

- Peggy LeNoue

“I continue to enjoy a relatively pain free life style. I have more fun with my grandchildren and use far less BC Powders than in the past. Am I as good as new? No, but I’m better than I expected.”

- Anonymous

“I was very pleased with the way he handled my daughter. He was as gentle as he could be and explained everything before she was adjusted. He even called to check on her.”

- Anonymous


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